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PMN leaves the Inquirer Building: a look back in pictures

A 2006 shot of the Philadelphia Inquirer Building. Photo Credit: Medvedenko

For decades, Philadelphians have picked up two of the most prominent city newspapers — the Inquirer and the Daily News — knowing that the lens through which they learned about Philadelphia, good and bad, was secure in the imposing, palatial Inquirer building on North Broad Street.

The building and the publishing company have weathered alterations over the years. But as of last week, a more jarring change impacted workers at Philadelphia Media Network, as they settled into a new office at the Strawbridge and Clothier building at the bustling corner of 8th and Market.

The new space is roughly one fifth the size of PMN’s former habitat, according to numbers reported by the New York Times. It’s unclear what the future holds for the publishing company, but the storied history of its home is certain.

In honor of the move and the future, what follows is a gallery of photos depicting the Inquire building through the years. Best of luck to the two daily newspapers and staff.

A view of the construction of the Inquirer Building over top of the Reading Railway tracks.

A wide angle view of the Inquirer building and the Rotogravure building from 1948.

Inside the former Rotogravure Building in 1949. The building now belongs to the Philadelphia School District.

A view of the Inquirer buidling from Callowhill. Year unknown.

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A few years ago, you had a 1905 photo of Philadelphia black patrolmen (about 12 men, some seated in the front row). There were no names so I called you office to ask about the photo and was told that there was no other information about it. I am looking for that photo because I think my grandfather may be in it. His name was Ralph White and he was a patrolman assigned to the first EL ride in 1906. There is only one family member still living who would recognize him today. Thank you for trying to find this photo in your collection for me.

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